17th of May 2017, Bragadiru Palace, Bucharest
    The speakers will show you how your passion for blogging could be a real job.
    A great opportunity to network with well-known fashion and beauty bloggers and celebrities.
  • GALA
    Gala is an unique event which recognizes some of the best fashion & beauty blogs.

The sixth edition was all about what it takes to be an influencer. As an influencer, you are the one to decide the impact and the popularity of a product, make a campaign successful and create brand awareness among your community. Your audience trusts you, so you must be responsible if you want to maintain your status and to finally earn a living from it. But is this enough? When can you say that you made it? This year’s theme refered to ways of measuring your impact and maintaining your status in your community.


You can watch here the sixth edition of the most important event dedicated to fashion & beauty bloggers in Romania. Watch inspiring presentations of well-known specialists and bloggers and our Digital Divas Awards Gala.

  • Stela Toderascu
    Senior Manager Commercial Marketing Avon Romania & Moldova
  • Matei Dima
    Online entertainer, BRomania
  • Cristina Lupu
    Online entertainer, LikeOne
  • Josephine Ciel
    Online entertainer, LikeOne
  • Lorena Buhnici
    Owner, Cavaleria.ro & Lorena.Buhnici.ro
  • Diana Papuc
    Art Director
  • Robert Katai
    Content Marketing Strategist at Bannersnack
  • Alexandra Chelu
    Marketing Manager, Lenovo Romania
  • Marta Usurelu
    Owner & Editor-in-Chief, Biz Magazine
  • Valentin Suciu
    Creative Director, JAZZ
  • Laurentiu Dumitrescu
    Managing Director, Digital Star
  • Andreea Retea
    Lifestyle Blogger
  • Mugur Patrascu
    Founder, Screen Native
  • Noemi Meilman
    Fashion & Cultural PR
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Digital Divas Conference offers powerful insight, inspirational content and practical advice to the participants. Romanian speakers from fashion, beauty and online marketing & communication field hold up-to-date presentations that bring the latest trends and opportunities. Our VIP guest, usually from abroad, helps us offer an international perspective over the domain.


The Gala is an unique event celebrating some of the best fashion and beauty blogs, and also acknowledging the accomplishments of the most active women on the Internet. In an exclusive setting, the gala will bring together important names in the local fashion and beauty industry in a special evening of networking and glamour.


Every year, Digital Divas offers the perfect opportunity to meet the most active online community in fashion, blogging, lifestyle and digital communication. This occasion is perfect to find out the latest news, to meet other bloggers, specialists or key oppinion leaders and to create valuable connections.

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An outstanding location, which beautifully combines architecture, history and an elegant setup for a high-class event. The Palace is once again the best location for Digital Divas.


13.00 – 14.30 Session 1
The ABC of being an influencer
15.15 – 16.45 Session 2
How to Work with Brands
18.30 - 19.00 Session 3
Share the Inspiration
19.00 - 20.00 REGISTRATION
20.00 - 21.30 AWARDS GALA
The sixth edition of Digital Divas Awards recognized one of the best projects and bloggers from fashion and beauty community.
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